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Deposit-Shabbat Bar Mitzva

Deposit-Shabbat Bar Mitzva


The full price of the service is 2.600 ILS, here you only have to pay a deposit of 600, the rest will be paid at the time the service is rendered.


This is a unique package that takes place on Friday before a shabbat bar mitzvah to help you document the event itself and your family at this special occasion. These includes photos of the hall, Shul setup, family photos of your immediate and extended family at the location of the event hall / synagogue. ** Timing- For Bar Mitzvahs in Givat Shmuel, the sessions must end 30 minutes before candleligting, for Bar Mitzvahs outside the city end time varies. Travel Fees: Jerusalem- 350 ILS Modiin- 200 ILS Raanana, Herzliya- 150 ILS Tel Aviv- 250 ILS Netanya- 300 ILS Hadera, Zichron, Caesaria- 350 ILS Beit Shemesh- 250 ILS

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